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IHSA Product Certification

H2 Analytics is a US-based company approved by the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) for testing and certifying the performance of hydrogen water products. Using gas chromatography (currently the only IHSA-authorized method), we can test the concentration of hydrogen water (H2) produced by virtually any type of hydrogen water device. This includes hydrogen infusion machines (HIM’s), pressure HIM's, portable hydrogen water bottles, water ionizers, countertop pitchers, hydrogen-producing tablets, passive flow-through devices (magnesium-based), powders & packets, prepackaged hydrogen water, reactor cartridges, H2 bubblers, magnesium rods, and even unusual hydrogen beverages such as juices, teas & smoothies. Although we can perform some performance testing on other types of hydrogen products such as hydrogen inhalation devices, skin creams, and bathing/immersion devices, at this time we cannot certify their performance because IHSA has not issued performance certification standards for them. Also, while we do perform hydrogen testing on products in R&D, engineering prototypes, and beta test units, these units are not eligible for IHSA certification. Click on the following link to download a detailed description of the certification program:

Description of H2 Analytics IHSA Product Certification Program

For more information on IHSA performance standards, please visit: www.intlhsa.org.

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