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International Hydrogen Standards Association

Scientific experts on hydrogen medicine from around the world have united to discuss and define the international performance standards for molecular hydrogen products. To achieve this goal, the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) was established in September 2016. The definitions and standards set forth by IHSA will help to advance scientific research in the academic and medical communities, provide guidance to governmental agencies and educational institutions, encourage responsibility in the areas of engineering design and sales & marketing for the therapeutic hydrogen industry, and provide protection for the consumer by authorizing qualified companies to test and certify hydrogen products in accordance with established IHSA safety and performance standards.

Please note that hydrogen inhalation devices, products in R&D, prototypes, or beta test units are not eligible for IHSA certification. Click on the following link to download a detailed description of the certification program:

Description of H2 Analytics IHSA Product Certification Program 

For more information on IHSA performance standards, please visit:

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